The Freeriders


The Freeriders are an adventuring company operating in the Elsir Vale.


  • Megan Swiftblade, human fighter, leader of the company
  • Ragnum Dourstone, dwarf cleric
  • Sylen Leafrunner, elf ranger
  • Ghena Tenson, human wizard
  • Madrick, gnome rogue


The Freeriders formed six months prior to the Battle of Overlook in Elsir’s Crossing. They left the small community and headed east, where they dealt with a foul cabal of cultists in an isolated town called Beacon. After, they returned to Brindol for some down time and learned of the impending threat. The Freeriders went west to do their part in defending Overlook.

Recent Events

The Freeriders have made friends early on with the 3Bs and then again with the new characters. The new characters have also fought side-by-side with them in the defense of Bordrins watch.

The Freeriders

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